Abhimanyu Kapoor
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Jun 28, 2022
Photo by Austrian National Library on Unsplash

The day of the examinations had arrived.
Students muttering with an air of stress passed by,
After all, this was the moment for which they strived,
to attain good marks, was what the society liked.

The burden of people’s words-
making their shoulders heavier;
As they passed along you could feel-
the atmosphere of competition get deadlier.

They bit their nails
and ran down their spine, a cold shiver,
As they sat down,
to see that one very important piece of paper.

A final prayer to God, a final wish was made,
to give the exam that was in front of them.
Writing their exam despite the fact that,
this was what they had condemned.

Finally after a long stretch
all exams were pushed aside,
Only to realise that in the snap of a finger,
The day of the examinations had arrived.



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