Faded Mirror

Poetry — not lovers but friends

Giulietta Passarelli
Published in
Jul 8, 2024


Photo by GVZ 42 on Unsplash

in tall green pastures
we lay our heads bent
towards each other’s face
a frozen picture of sweetness
and myth

a love that once was
young and forever cherished
we basked in the day’s sun
our foreheads pressed in love’s
aching misery
while lips wanting breathless
passion waited
we whispered only treasured
friendship instead
never to die, we spoke

we shall live to awaken to the
promised scent of love again
our cries of expediency heard
like the wind
a picture and a new life begins
to love’s learned path.

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Giulietta Passarelli

Author/Poet/Writer of middle gr. novels, short stories, poems, for adults, YA, the ageless: https://www.gpassarelli.com; updates website every 1st of the month.