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Find the Way Out of Hiding

A poem on coming to know the parts of ourselves that have been submerged.

(Photo: JPlenio, Pixabay)

Come to know these parts:
mixing with shadows
finding freest version
even with what has been cast off.

What was disowned in order to survive?
Find out.

Call this back now,
offer a seat
draw in what is needed
rounding the circle
in union
in service of truth.

Tend now what needs tending,
unbound from dark remnants
setting sail to past pains.
the call of self for authenticity,
waking up
from what has been asleep.
This is not a problem
to be solved
rather mystery
to be faced —
knocking to find the way
out of hiding.




Come and share with us your inner song

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Deborah McNamara

Deborah McNamara

Sustainability & Climate Activist. Yoga Teacher. Author, Invitation of Motherhood: Uncovering the Spiritual Lessons of Parenting. More: www.debmcnamara.com

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