First Kiss

Alan Tegel
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5 min readMay 21, 2023


Eternal Love in the city of love

Photo by Evgeniy Volivach from Pexels:

Beautiful woman
Sitting nervously
At Coffee Crepes
Sipping a hot drink
Waiting to meet
Her long-distance lover

She sees him walking
Smiling when he sees her
She wonders where he is staying
She feels a shiver

But the fear is gone the closer he gets
She feels a warmth
Spread through out her chest
Fill her heart

For her mother kept telling her
The one will come
She never realized it was him
Boy his words made her purr
It made her want to sin

He Comes up to the table
Looks at his watch
Asks the waiter for a latte
Smiles and says Hello
I am so glad we can meet
For the very first time
And see each other

She asked where did you come from?
Grand Hotel du Palais Royal
I wanted to shower up after my flight
I wanted to smell clean and fresh



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