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Here, Take This Basket

Stone cold

a wicker basket suspended from a hook;; the basket is empty as it waiting to be filled.
Photo by Kat Med on Unsplash

I never asked for the sheer responsibility
To keep your brittle walls from crumbling down
Like Mr. Humpty Dumpty;

When you took claim to slipping and sliding,
I saw the lit signs and encouraged you to swerve
Why see a dark hole and walk right in
Expecting me
To send a ladder or a rope or a string,
Pretending to be a saviour
Now I’m out of favour;

And have taken on the caricature
Of a seven headed dragon —
Wicked and inhuman,
Asking that I be your be all and end all,
Well I ended it all;

So tempted to block and delete
To prevent a repeat
Of false tears flowing down puffed cheeks
With you screaming,
What are you doing, to me
Do what;

You refused to heed my council
A word to the wise was not enough for you,
And you continued to see, what you wanted to see
which was not the yawning hole
In the road;

Leading to your happiness
Now, I’m under duress
Screams of love me, cause I love you
I want you, I need you;

Here, take this basket
Pick up the pieces, be one of the king’s men,
And put them back together again

© Ilis Trudie Palmer 2022
One Love
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