How Do You Feel

I’ve Got 10 Minutes to Come…

Anthony O'Dugan
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1 min readJun 16, 2024


Photo by Lera Kogan on Unsplash

I’ve got ten minutes to come
up with something great
to mix and stir about —
to create,
and ten minutes to come
up with anything,
a great idea,
any idea, really,
in ten minutes or less,
is rather difficult,
I surely do know.

Am I wrong to want to dance
in the taste of pleasure
all day and
all night?
Or am I right to savor
the light of the goddess
who falls before me
with want?

I’ve got ten minutes to come
up with a plan to
make the evening
a journey through
love, questing all
aspects of touch.

When then I find you and take
you, first with a gaze,
my hands will trace
mazes up and down
your every curve
to meet your face,
a finger
pressed softly
at the inside of
your mouth,
a request
for you to tell me…