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Just A Little More

And the earth will be better

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5% extra effort makes a 100% difference.

Albert Einstein

A little more waiting, a little more patience, a little more hesitation, we’ll all find an answer.

A little more empathy, a little more hospitality, a little more giving, and another be satisfied.

A little more kindness, a little more affection, a little more attention, and our faces will be filled with smiles forever.

A little more instruction, a little more correction, a little more admonition, and we’ll right our wrongs.

A little more good, evil vanishes. Just a little more makes a whole lot of difference.

A little more forgiving, a little more forgetting, a little more tolerance, repentance takes place.

A little more silence, a little more reflection, a little more meditation, we’ll be surrounded by serenity.

A little more diplomacy, a little more neutrality, a little more acceptability, peace will prevail.

A little more frankness, a little more transparency, a little more Justice, and the truth will always be bare.

If all could give in just a little more, the earth would become heaven. Our planet needs just a little more.




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Okeke (Obiefuna) Chidinma

Okeke (Obiefuna) Chidinma

Living every day as though it were my last. My thoughts in writing intermittently. louisa4kenny03@gmail.com URL-- louisa4kenny03.medium.com

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