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With the passing of time, every soul finds a different story to tell.

Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Me and my little gran went for a walk by the beach
It was a beautiful day in the summer
The waves singing their hymn
The coast strumming their line
Me and my little gran embracing the hour.

Looking at the setting sun
And the waves crashing in on the shore
We both exhaled in a different style
She with tears and me with a smile.

I felt joy, calmness, and wonder
She remembered her love
Beautiful days of her younger self
I smiled when the imagination of the future flashed
While she teared up on her thoughts of the past.

The sunrise and sunset came to us both on dates
With passing days, the stories began to alter
The separation of the meaning resonating in our hearts
I realized after the loss of my precious playmate.

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Or maybe think it has some weight,
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