Money Isn’t Everything (If You Have Enough of It)

A smile is a nice thing to wear on your face, but it won’t put food on your table.

Jupiter Grant
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2 min readMar 14, 2021
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A smile is a nice thing to wear on your face,
but it won’t put food on your table.
You say not to worry ‘bout my lack of money?
Well, buddy, if I were only able!

I do not share in the great luxury
of winsome acceptance of lack.
Every hour, I toil to keep roof overhead
and a few simple threads on my back.

I have several jobs that I juggle each week,
and sleep is a luxury I can’t afford.
Cash can’t buy me love, I accept that is true.
That’s no help to me when I face my landlord.

My pockets are empty. My bank account, too.
The cupboards are bare, and my stomach growls.
And not only that, but I spend every day
with a tight knot of worry deep inside my bowels.

The bills keep on mounting. My living costs rising.
As Simply Red said, “Money’s Too Tight to Mention”.
I know that there are many more things to life,
but money, these days, is my main source of tension.

Every new bill makes my heart start to pound,
and tears of anxiety fill up my eyes.
So forgive me, but when you say money don’t matter,
you should understand, that is really a lie.

Without it, I’m hungry, and weary, and sick,
and day-to-day life is unbearably tough.
Although you may say money is not important,
you can only say that cause you have enough.

Jupiter Grant is a self-published author, blogger, narrator, and audiobook producer.

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