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On Behalf of the Universe

A lesson came to me through the rain.

Photo by 3Motional Studio from Pexels

The day started, no change in particular.
A warm coffee on my bed,
I went on for the little walk,
In my garden, just the regular.
Spreading the smell of freshly brewed coffee,
Flowers, leaves, the smell of the earth;
My little happiness shed.

As I sat on my swing,
Flipping my legs to touch the wind,
I saw the rushing black clouds;
I knew a storm is about to set in.
My day all ruined and in vain.
It’s a jinx!
A bit of bad luck!
I screamed at the top of my veins.

The sky started to pour;
I wasn’t yet ready.
The raindrops take on speed;
Cold and Steady.
I started to think about all the tasks I have left.
I still have groceries, all of my to-do list!

My annoyed eyes on the window glass
Little by little, a calmness peeks in
“It’s not a big deal, just enjoy the scene,”
And so I started to smell the rain,
The sound of the drops,
The greener trees and grasses,
The more blue sky,
The clearing of the complaint.

My heart spoke to me, “It’s a message from the universe”,
Don’t be so stubborn, it’s really a curse.
Life is beautiful because of its possibilities.
If all went as one intended,
Wouldn’t it be tedious at its extremities?

So I enjoyed my day in bed,
By the window watching the rain.
I felt lazy and sleepy,
But all my stresses drained.
I promised to myself I will try as much as I can.
Because things are not meant to go according to plan.

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