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One effort at a time.

With just a little extra effort, what can a man do?

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For the initiative, more than just seeing is noticing.
The expressions of the clouds,
The lilac in the sky,
The falling of the autumn,
Or the conversations in the eye.

For further few steps, more than just hearing is listening.
To the flow of the river,
To the wheels of the cart,
To the droplets of the rain,
Or even to the silence of the heart.

And If he goes beyond, more than just touch, he could feel.
The barefoot running on the grass,
The process of a diamond from coal,
The innocence of an infant,
And The beauty of the soul. 🍂




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Still amazed by the fact that eyes and mind are the perfect combination to read and write. 🖤 Trying to convey my side of the story in just 1–2 min read.