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Purple Love

A different kind of love isolated in our hearts

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

At 3rd of the clock,
When the time went slow
I saw the vast blue beyond the black mirror
Mixing with the crimson glow.

Another night passing away
As I stay up late, dreaming the fictions in states half awake
Turning into that purple song
The song which has melancholy of you
Euphoria of warming sun that only a few knew
The feeling I proudly endorse
I see the little life together that I long
Depth of the oceans, just like your eyes
Echoes of seashells reminding of your voice
I see fading eminence, the color of our love
My tears won’t lie
My endless hours can verify
The love is assembled with pure engrossment

The clock strikes 3:01
Time glides gracefully as the witty character,
The soul we tangled once for each other
Wants to stay stuck in that blank space
With all the other plans and dreams at rest
That little interval of dawn meeting dusk
That little interval of fling
I could only store those moments like a simple fangirling.

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  1. What does the word “black mirror” mean in this poem?
  2. How many shades of color were mentioned throughout?




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