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Self Righteous

free verse poetry

Image by Christopher Strolia-Davis from Pixabay

The morality assured,
To be so right
For never doing wrong.
Inflated ego,
Knowing one would never befall
The trapping of unprincipled thinking
Or actions then to follow.

The ability to resist temptation
For something which holds no appeal,
To be the owner not of the
Temptation in question
Then to voice self-righteous virtues,
To not give in to shameless attractions
Should they come across the path of one
So morally strong.

There is something in everyone,
Some weakness to give into,
In life’s many temptations.

To avoid scorn from others, is to not
Give righteous intentions
The voice it seldom deserves.
Rather, understand,
Compassion maybe?
In times of other’s needs.

Thank you Gaby Rosales for giving my words a platform here on iPoetry.
Thank you for reading and your valuable time. J.



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James G Brennan

Writes free to read eclectic free verse poetry. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.