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Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Postman, please send this letter to my love

an image with four envelopes apparently meant to hold letters, there is a lit candle and a spring of red berries on a dark wooden table; there is also a white piece of cloth that adds a comforting look to the scene. Sincerely Yours,. Mr. Postman, please send this letter to… | by I. Trudie Palmer | Medium. love letters. support for depressed lover. taking care of one’s mental health. eternal love. setting boundaries. support for loved ones. dealiing with depression and despair.
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Sorry, my Beloved
I cannot go there with you
How can I sink to the bottom of despair with you
and be of any use to you —
and myself?
We would both be spinning our topsy-turvy tops
in a topsy-turvy world
with no support
no anchor —
no self-help for each other.
So I have decided
that this time —
for the first time ever
since we’re together
that I will do what is best for me
so that it can be better for us.
I will wait for you, up here
in the pure air
perfumed by the sweet scent of our undying love
and unceasing devotion to each other.
So my dear
meet me up here
after your dance with despair —
for I remain,
in love with you.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love




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