The Hunger for Magnitude

Quenching the thirst that troubled the mind

Holly Rose Thomas
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2 min readApr 11, 2024


Thank you Jonatan Pie for the image on Unsplash

You walk beside me, my dearest friend
My hand in your hand until the end
What’s not begun is over now
As we go walking I understand how
The words that you first gave to me
In answer to my questioning
Came true in the love we’re given to share
I can’t be lonely while you’re there

I asked (do you remember, my dear?)
Well, really, I expressed a fear
‘I’m afraid that I’ll be lonely,’ I said
And your answer is perfectly clear in my head
You said, ‘How could you be’
(I remember your face at the start of our dream)
‘When you’re not alone?’ you said to close
And, satisfied, I received your prose

The truth that flowed as I opened to hear
My heart as focused as my ear
As the trust that has evolved my own
Was planted in the seeds you sowed
The seeds of life and beauty warm
That grew to ride the darkest storms
To quell the fear that rose and fell
To trouble me in my darkest hell

To quench the thirst that ever did grow
With the water that now freely flows
To whet the hunger that ever will rise
For the magnitude of my Father’s Mind



Holly Rose Thomas

Student & Teacher of A Course in Miracles. Gratefully Exploring the Infinite Creative Mind. 🙏🏼 🎶❤️