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The Sea and Me

A Free Verse Poem Response to Suntonu Bhadra’s “Sea”

Photo by James. G. Brennan.

Lapping waves of aqua upon
Golden sand beneath
The bright warm Sun
Glistening upon your surface,
Finds me once again staring
At your wonder and beauty.
I can do this for hours,
Day after day year after year.

I find myself swimming
Into the distance of your
Soothing therapeutic water
Washing away any stresses or concerns
Of a mind troubled; my Yoga.

I squint my eyes,
The Sun is raining down
Small pieces of itself,
Silver stars dancing upon the surface
Of your calm water.

Big breaths then down I dive,
Slight pressure in my head
A quick pinch of the nose and blow
Releases any discomfort,
I feel free, almost I imagine like flying
Only not like a bird, I’m under the water
So swimming as freely as a fish.

Up again to the water’s surface,
Relaxing breast stokes easy as a frog
Finds pure joy in this freedom,
The depth giving the sense of your greatness…

To return back to shore,
Big easy strong backstrokes,
Drive me along quickly on
The surface of the sea,
Finding me now in the shallows where I relax,
More so, taking in the warm rays of the Sun
While enjoying the warm ripples of the sea
Lapping over my ever grateful body and mind.

I thank the sea for taking care of me,
I dive down a few more times
My lungs filled with air
So as to enjoy the underwater experience,
It makes me smile briefly to
Be like a fish, then back up to float
On my back and let the water lap.
Eventually after my hour, back to my spot
To admire my friend, the wonderful, beautiful sea.

Thank you for reading. J.

This Poem response is to Suntonu Bhadra prompt “Sea” Thank you for your Invite Suntonu. Read Suntonu Bhadra’s wonderful piece here.

As is tradition, I respectfully invite… Jodi Rempel Steve B Howard
Jackie Ann Adam, Diabetic Cyborg Dennett Scott Edgar to respond to my prompt “freedom” Thank you all very much. J.

Thank you for your support and for giving my words a home!
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James G Brennan

Writes free to read eclectic free verse poetry. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.