This Time, Come Undone

A poem on surrendering to mystery and beauty — beyond the surface of patterns and routine.

Deborah McNamara
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1 min readJan 15, 2022


(Image: JPlenio, Pixabay)

This time:
Mark what is real
beyond surface sheen,
beneath chatter
din of distant orbits
not yet realized
bound by habit
and routine —
the wild
gusts of galaxy dust
always swirling
magic here.

Of course, we should
in face of such beauty —
force of gravity
flash of love
so vast
each revolution between hearts
too full to grasp
without cracking.

Try to “hold it all together”
when really the aim
is to unravel,
into light of distant suns
still pulling us into mystery
even when avoiding
the unknown.

This time:
Comfort of old patterns
a blanket
so warm like womb
yet still called
toward new light,
curtain opened
a band-aid pulled
be blended now
in all the complexity
each color a revelation,
braving this rapid

You, at the center:
Be and hold
this orb
now open
into what is yet to come
and what is already here.



Deborah McNamara

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