When The Mist Rises

A poem about a novella

Ilis Trudie Palmer
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A story that recounts the friendship, two-ish persons,
a farmer named John and she.
There is John’s friend, Jah Son.
He is the ‘ish’.
A fantasy/reality, with some mystery,
romance and mystical happenings. Set in the foothills on a small Caribbean|
island. She, the narrator of the story,
visits her friend John
on his farm where they spend time talking
about everything under the sun from farming,
to life and death,
music, food,
climate change and growing old.
Jah Son,
the one with many names,
unknown quantity, no claim to fame, and she
is determined
to uncover what gives his air of mysticism. Words written
to be easy,
her easy reading style
sharing the life and culture
of a Caribbean,
former home to pirates and slaves.
Join the interesting turns and
the intriguing end.

Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love

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