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60,000 Members in Community of IQ Olympiad

IQ Olympiad has partnerships with a Facebook group community of around 60,000 members. We will continue our goal of promoting IQ Olympiad’s services through this community and implementing transparent IQ TEST certification.

The community has been run by Iakovos Koukas, Vice-President of IQ Olympiad, with around 60,000 members.

He is the President and Founder of: THIS High IQ Society, 4G High IQ Society, BRAIN High IQ Society, ELITE High IQ Society, 6N High IQ Society, NOUS High IQ Society, 6G High IQ Society, NOUS200 High IQ Society, GIFTED High IQ Network and GENIUS High IQ Network.

The organization run by Iakovos Koukas is the second-largest IQ community in the world after Mensa. Today, his organization has thousands of official members.

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