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IQ Olympiad is interested in IQ test and quiz game content, as well as content that allows you to play brain games in a virtual space. There are points where virtual space can be utilized here.

Escape room games are one example. A room escape game is a type of game where the purpose of escaping is by reasoning trapped in a room. Users can play brain games in a virtual space.

It will be possible to combine IQ test and quiz game contents with the escape room game. In order to escape the room, you must answer IQ test questions and various quiz questions.

It is also possible to build a system that can measure IQ through an escape room game through artificial intelligence. It is to measure IQ through room escape game by standardizing users’ data.

Brain games can take many forms. IQ Olympiad, an IQ test and quiz game platform, will focus on gamifying virtual reality content and discovering brain games using content such as the metaverse.

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