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[Part 3] High IQ Society: Admission Criteria

There are several IQ societies in the world. However, the IQ scores required by each society are different. In this article, the IQ scores required by each IQ society will be explored.

First, Mensa is the most famous IQ society. Mensa is famous for the world’s first IQ society. The IQ score required by Mensa is IQ 130. This is equivalent to the top 2%. Rarity corresponds to one in 50. In the case of Wechsler’s intelligence test, if IQ exceeds 130, it is classified as gifted. Therefore, if it is at the intellectual level to join Mensa, it can be seen that brain is for a gifted person.

Next is Intertel. Intertel was originally a club of Mensa. It requires IQ 135, which is slightly higher than Mensa’s IQ score. This is an intelligence index in the top 1%, and only those with a brain in one in 100 can join. In the case of Intertel, the certificate is said to be very cool. Those who want to have a nice certificate should pay attention to Intertel.

The third is Triple Nine Society. As can be inferred from the word Triple, an IQ score corresponding to 99.9 percentile is required. In other words, only those with an intellectual level of the top 0.1% can sign up. Those who join this organization deserve the title genius. 1 out of 1000 people! It is an organization of people with incredible brains.

Finally, it is Mega Society. The word Mega means a million. In other words, you have to have an IQ score, which is the probability that one in a million people will appear! In fact, it takes a lot of effort to get this IQ score because you have to pass the test adopted by Mega Society. The difficulty of this test is full of problems that even MIT students cannot solve. Consider becoming a member of the Mega Society if you think you have a brain equivalent to one in a million.

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