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How reliable are existing IQ scoring mechanisms?

Interest in IQ is the most essential human need as it serves as a standard for human intelligence. People’s interest in gifted intellectuals, endless desire for intellectual development and acknowledgment, leads to interest in IQ scores. Interest in IQ scores naturally leads to interest in IQ ranking because IQ scores numerically inform intellectual abilities. In other words, the desire to evaluate others’ intellectual abilities with objective data is apparent. However, there are considerable problems with existing IQ tests and scoring mechanisms. Examples include reliability issues for IQ scores, accessibility issues for IQ tests, and repetition which leads to a lack of creativity in tests. The IQ Olympiad project was launched to address these issues and aims to provide a unique solution for intellectuals across the globe.

Lack of Integrity

Existing IQ scoring mechanisms face the following issues which lead to a lack of integrity of test results. (This issue intensifies for multi-national tests and for highly intelligent test takers.)

i) Are the results of a single IQ test score reliable? Some types of tests may be exposed in advance or be designed to be favorable to a particular group or person. An individual must complete multiple tests to receive an accurate IQ score.

ii) How reliable are the sources of IQ tests? Impostors with malicious intents often use inaccurate IQ scores from unknown sources to act as intellectuals on social media. Transparency of the test-taking process and certification must be ensured.

iii) The criteria for calculating IQ scores vary between institutions. For example, since standard deviation criteria are not unified, IQ scores do not show which criteria they are based on.

iv) The possibility that IQ certificates are forged must be considered. In fact, some online IQ test sites can be manipulated with a few simple lines of code containing their names and IQ.

Naturally, there are arguments, disputes, and doubts over the current IQ scoring mechanisms are evident.

Lack of Accessibility

Numerous IQ tests are being offered and consumed in the market. However, the quality of these IQ tests cannot be verified and it is difficult to guarantee the validity and reliability of the test results. Consequently, typical online IQ tests have a system in which comparisons between tests and problems are impossible, thus are unable to provide comprehensive IQ calculations. Problems exist for offline tests as well as they tend to be expensive and heavily time-consuming. Therefore, the IQ test market has a structure that makes it difficult for consumers to access a comprehensively managed IQ system.

Repetition and Lack of Creativity

IQ tests circulating in the IQ market fail to measure creativity as they tend to be repetitive in terms of solutions. This is a clear disadvantage in an environment where the number of test creators is limited. To address these issues, IQ Olympiad offers decentralized IQ tests in which users directly participate in test creation and curation. Users serve as both consumers and producers enabling tests to measure creativity.

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