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Integration of the High IQ world

The IQ Olympiad is integrating the High IQ world. There are three reasons why IQ Olympiad can unify the High IQ world.

First, we inherited the legacy of the most traditional high IQ society, the Mega Society in the High IQ World. Because IQ Olympiad was founded by Ronald K. Hoeflin, the founder of the Mega Society. Therefore, IQ Olympiad is not just a new intellectual project, but an initiative that continues a deep tradition of high IQ world.

(Mega Society:

(Ronald K. Hoeflin:

Second, IQ Olympiad has partnerships with most of the High IQ Societies on the planet. Typically, IQ Olympiad has close cooperation with the societies of Evangelos Katsioulis and those of Iakovos Koukas. Also actually, members of the Mega Society are included in the leadership of IQ Olympmiad.

(IQ Olympiad’s Partners:

Third, the upcoming test of IQ Olympiad has already received the promise of adoption by the majority of High IQ Society. This is an important fact that confirms the authenticity of IQ Olympiad. IQ Olympiad’s tests to be released in the future will guarantee high quality, and this test will be recognized by many institutions.

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