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IQ OLYMPIAD Platform Launch Airdrop Event

We’re proud to announce an Airdrop for our project that will be listed this year!

Top-tier members of high-IQ societies including Mega Society founder Dr. Hoeflin are building the project as core members. The private sale has been closed and the hard cap has been reached. We are now in talks with global top-tier exchanges for listing, and are planning to hold an IDO on a launchpad platform before our primary listing.

There will be an Airdrop event starting this week. See below for details!

🔥 1st event 🔥

Register as a member, and receive $10 in IQO tokens! (a total of $5,000 for 500 people)

📅 Event Period: Aug. 27 ~ Sep. 6 (24 days)

⚡ How to Participate

✅ Step 1. Join IQ OLYMPIAD Official Community:

✅ Step 2. Sign up on the IQ OLYMPIAD Platform:

✅ Step 3. Complete and submit the event participation form:

✅ Step 4. Follow the IQ OLYMPIAD Twitter. It will increase your chances of winning:

🎁 Rewards

An airdrop💸 of $10 in IQO tokens based on the public sale price / 500 winners

🔥 2nd event 🔥

Prove your IQ is 100 or higher, and receive $500 in IQO tokens!

📅 Event Period: Aug. 27 ~ Sep. 19 (24 days)

⚡ How to Participate

✅ Step 1. Take the [Event IQ Test] on the official IQ OLYMPIAD Platform:

✅ Step 2. Copy the [Share my IQ] link on the results page and submit the form:

✅ Step 3. Share the [Share my IQ] link to the IQ OLYMPIAD OFFICIAL telegram to increase your chances of winning! :

🎁 Rewards

An airdrop 💸 of $500 in IQO tokens / 10 winners will be randomly selected in a fair, transparent draw

🚨 Rules

- Abnormal or multi-account participation may lead to disqualification.

- Winners will be chosen through a fair, transparent draw if the number of participants exceeds the winners.

- Tokens will be distributed within 48 hours of listing.

Make sure to follow us on our various social channels below to receive daily updates on what’s going on in the IQ Olympiad if you’re interested in receiving direct updates.

Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | Youtube | Medium




IQ Olympiad is an intellectual growth platform that enables intellectuals around the world to create and share intellectual tests. Users can access diverse types of intellectual tests to fulfill intellectual needs and challenge the mankind’s limits of intelligence.

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IQ Olympiad

IQ Olympiad

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