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IQ Olympiad promotional video released

A promotional video for IQ Olympiad has been released. The promotional video can be viewed below.

IQ Olympiad is a blockchain-based intellectual platform that has a structure where people can create and solve questions and get rewards.

Platform services are divided into three main categories.

IQ Test

The IQ test is a basic service of the IQ Olympiad. IQ Olympiad is the world’s first IQ test platform having blockchain technology. Through this service, users can receive rewards by solving IQ tests or creating IQ tests. For the official IQ certificate, it is issued by NFT.

Quiz Race

In the Quiz Race, users can play general or fun common sense games in a survival format. Quiz Race is a kind of survival game that can be played through quiz contents. Users can receive rewards by taking quizzes or creating quizzes. In addition, users who survive the quiz survival can receive great rewards.

World Genius NFT

World Genius NFT or WGNFT is an NFT project that celebrates the geniuses who changed/change the world. The IQ Olympiad selects the world’s intellectuals recommended by IQ Olympiad users and publishes the artwork WGNFT. The issued WGNFT will be sold through an auction. WGNFT holders can be invited to a secret group and receive various benefits in it.

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