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[Part 2] IQ Olympiad Interview with Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin


Dr. Ronald K. Hoflin is the founder and CEO of IQ Olympiad. Dr. Hoflin is most famous for establishing Mega Society and Prometheus Society. The Mega Society has been introduced as a high-intelligence organization with the highest IQ in the Guinness Book of World Records as its admission standard. As an American Philosopher, Dr. Hoeflin received a PhD in Philosophy from The New School for Social Research, and In 1988, he won the American Philosophical Association’s Rockefeller Prize for his article, “Theories of Truth: A Comprehensive Synthesis.”

Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin:

A lot of IQ tests have time limits. These may be necessary for test-takers who do not have weeks or months to spend on a test or a problem. For me personally, timed tests are a severe disadvantage because I have a visual handicap that reduces my reading speed to 54% as fast as the average high-school graduate, namely 189 words per minute versus 350 per minute. I’ve read that the average college student can read 450 words per minute, but I don’t know what the speed is for college graduates who try the Graduate Record Exam.

I scored in the top 1% on the GRE verbal analogies aptitude test compared to other college seniors taking the test, but that was partly because I was test smart and knew that I could not read fast enough to get through the reading section of the test, so I looked at the end of the test and saw a lot of verbal analogies, which require much less reading to solve than reading paragraphs. So I jumped to these analogies, then returned to the reading section, where I left many (perhaps 8 or 10) questions unanswered due to the time limit. I scored 790 out of a possible 900, where the 99th percentile was about 780.

On the Concept Mastery Tests, by contrast, I scored in the top 1% on both of them compared to Terman’s gifted group as adults. They had been chosen with childhood IQs of 135 or more, where 137 would be the 99th percentile, so they were almost all in the top 1% in intelligence, at least in childhood. An internet website rated my performance on the combined verbal and math GRE aptitude tests (1520 and 1530 in 1964 and 1970 respectively) both as having a rarity of one-in-5,000. compared to American adults, who on average could read about twice as fast as I can due to my visual handicap. By getting the scores of test-takers on college or grad-school admission tests, one could perhaps bootstrap to higher IQs even with a limited number of test-takers, but I think a very sophisticated statistician would be needed to specify very high IQs based on comparing scores on new tests with scores on these college or grad-school admission tests.

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