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The IQ test market needs a user-governed platform

IQ tests are not only tests of intelligence but are also like games that everyone enjoys continuously. If the IQ test is a game, the IQ score is the same as the level of the game.

The level of the game can be increased by effort. The same goes for IQ test scores. People who have taken a lot of IQ tests get used to the pattern and increase their IQ scores. It’s like increasing the level of the game.

Intelligence and IQ scores are different concepts. IQ score is to estimate the IQ to find out the intelligence. At the same time, IQ testing is such a game that many people enjoy. Therefore, the IQ test is not a one-time content. It is a steady seller content.

In order for IQ tests to continue to become public games, systems and platforms that can support them are needed. The IQ Olympiad will play its role.

Of course, the IQ Olympiad also has a system to calculate objective IQ scores. It’s called DeIQ. DeIQ calculates the average IQ score based on the most appropriate scoring formula. Through this DeIQ, objective IQ scores can be obtained.

Through this comprehensive function, the IQ Olympiad will create a sensation in the IQ test platform. The IQ test market needs a user-governed platform. The IQ Olympiad has been created to function as the platform.

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IQ Olympiad is an intellectual growth platform that enables intellectuals around the world to create and share intellectual tests. Users can access diverse types of intellectual tests to fulfill intellectual needs and challenge the mankind’s limits of intelligence.

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IQ Olympiad

IQ Olympiad

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