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Why the World Needs IQ Olympiad?

“The IQ Olympiad exists to innovate the IQ testing system.”

The existing IQ test system is a centralized system. All decisions about testing are given to a small number of administrators. An example of this is as follows.

Problems with the existing IQ test system

  1. IQ is measured by one IQ test author.
  2. IQ is defined as a result of an IQ test.
  3. IQ rankings are also determined by a small number of managers.

Therefore, IQ has been produced by a perfectly centralized system.

However, the IQ Olympiad will dismantle this centralized system and increase the reliability and validity of transparent authentication and IQ scores through the decentralized system.

How will IQ Olympiad introduce a transparent authentication system?

The IQ score calculated in the IQ Olympiad is automatically recorded in NFT through block chain technology. Therefore, no score can be a fake score.

Also, the IQ calculated in the IQ Olympiad is a score that is summed up by several IQ tests verified by testees. Therefore, it is not an IQ score calculated from an IQ test author and a test created from it. This can solve the issue of fairness.

What does the IQ Olympiad do?

IQ Test: IQ Olympiad creates various IQ tests with the participation of users. The tests are verified by users. And the verified tests are used by users to form a circular structure.

Quiz Race: In the IQ Olympiad, users participate and create various quiz questions. The created quizzes are composed of survival game contents through curation. Users participating in the survival game can pursue profits through the game.

World Genius NFT: WGNFT is an NFT project honoring the geniuses of the world. Through this, the IQ Olympiad can commemorate the geniuses who revolutionized the world.

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