Fluid Next and IQUII sign the deal: together for the development of integrated strategies in the Finance, Sport and Retail industries, between physical and digital

Jul 8, 2019 · 2 min read

Signed the partnership between the Digital Consulting Company, part of Group Be, and the firm operating in the development of entertainment and inStore Experience solutions

ROME — 8th July. Introducing an innovative and complete offer in the market, aimed at creating an highly value added entertainment ecosystem between physical and digital, connecting technology with new experiences for the final user, in store and in the arena. These logics are at the basis of the three-year partnership signed between Fluid Next and IQUII, to share the developed know-how in the respective businesses and sectors.

More specifically, the partnership is focused on three main areas:

  • Entertainment, to activate new user engagement dynamics based on interactive and proximity contents able to generate the “wow effect”, to improve the memory of the experience and to encourage the return;
  • InStore Experience, to develop activities and features able to create interactions’ mechanisms which are effective, frictionless and simplifying for the final user in the purchase and fruition process;
  • Platform Development & Innovation Technology, to integrate the new technologies in sporting arenas and retail stores to create a complete final experience.

Fabio Lalli, IQUII’s CEO, says “physical and digital need to be considered as one, and it is even more essential to bring in the market projects characterized by an integrated design and approach. Today, the user wants to live a continuous experience, switching from a digital interaction to a physical one in store without even realising it. In the latest years, at IQUII we studied and integrated new proximity technologies for retail stores and sporting arenas. With Fluid Next, the perfect partner to complete this offer, we are able to guarantee a fluid, memorable and effective experience to the final user, and we can enable new entertainment and loyalty dynamics, as well as new data acquisition and data usage ways”.

For Alessio Abbateianni, CEO at Fluid Next, “the constant growth of digital signage outside and inside different physical locations (little and big retailer, offices, entertainment locations, etc.) shows once again the supremacy of the visual language and the convergence of smartphone, user experience and the environment. Video supports represent even more a layer ready to communicate and interact with people, both individually and collectively. This is the basis of the synergy between Fluid Next and IQUII, destined to represent a unique offering in the Italian and global scenario”.

If you want to know more about IQUII, please visit our website.


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We’re not another Digital Company. We are forward thinkers: we humanize businesses and make engagement and loyalty real in #Finance #Sport #Retail



We’re not another Digital Company. We are forward thinkers. We humanize businesses and make engagement and loyalty real in #Finance #Sport #Retail

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