IQUII Sport launches PlayerXP, the platform which turns the athlete into a brand

The Digital Company expands its offering in the sports field with PlayerXP, the Sport Platform which allows professional athletes to enhance their relationship with their own fanbase

The new product of IQUII Sport meets the need to implement an innovative Sport Platform on Mobile and Web able to provide players with a crucial touchpoint to enhance the relationship with their fans.

PlayerXP offers a high-value digital solution for athletes of any sport, proposing a full range of integrated services designed to reorganize communication channels in a strategic and engaging way, leading the player to become an authentic media hub and giving value to his own personal brand.

PlayerXP was born as a result to the experience gained by IQUII in the projects with Federazione Italiana Rugby, Internazionali d’Italia di Tennis, Lega B, following the launch of SportXP, the platform dedicated to clubs and organizations, and the comprehensive study of data and dynamics of the world of sport.

From the point of view of the user, PlayerXP offers features that aim to bring fans closer to their preferred athlete with more and more personalized services to intensely live their passion and actively interact with their favourite sportsman.

From the point of view of the athlete, PlayerXP offers the possibility to:

  • inform users with valuable contents in real time;
  • improve the interaction with the fanbase, increasing its engagement;
  • enhance monetization process as a result of effective membership strategies.

Thanks to the sport platform, it is possible to spread contents by analysing in depth the experience of fans and by collecting valuable data for athletes in order to apply acquisition and loyalty strategies.

Thanks to the back office developed by IQUII, it is possible to organize content management activities, data and media integration, CRM, analytics and insights in a quick and easy way.

“Our experience consolidated in recent years with the projects we undertook on the field for rugby, tennis, football and multi-level sports has allowed us to create a platform conceived and designed to enhance the athlete. PlayerXP is integrated in the ecosystem of the hub IQUII Sport together with SportXP. We believe that the athlete is gradually becoming an authentic brand able to influence his own fans and supporters. This is the idea that we are fostering through our platform” affirms Fabio Lalli, CEO of IQUII.

If you are interested to discover more information about the product, please contact us or visit PlayerXP website.

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