“The European Football Club” Report renews itself: the study of the official apps joins the social media analysis

Feb 19, 2019 · 2 min read

The IQUII’s Business Unit opens to a new study dedicated to the official apps of the European clubs playing in the 1st divisions, enlarging the scope of the analysis.

The first update of 2019 couldn’t be more substantial. After becoming the reference point in the social media analysis, IQUII Sport integrates in its study a topic that it knows very well, thanks to the experience acquired with Gianluigi Buffon, Federazione Italiana Rugby and many more: the one of the Official Apps.

The 14th update of “The European Football Club” Report brings with it an important upgrade to the fan engagement study, that enables to substantially widen the analysis not restricting it to social media — that remain the simplest touchpoint anyway — extending it to platforms that allow to activate more powerful fan engagement processes, thanks to information and data acquisition.

These the words by Fabio Lalli, IQUII’s CEO, in the occasion of the new publication: “In these years, we had the privilege to work with players such as Gianluigi Buffon and Giorgio Chiellini, as well as with important organizations in the Italian and international sport scenario, offering them our technological and strategic know-how in terms of planning, development, design and valorization of the Sport Platforms: we could not leave these tools out of our Report that, since the beginning, wants to examine the fan engagement dynamics of the European football world”.

You can download the 14th edition of “The European Football Club” Report here, and #TEFCReport is the official hashtag to share the own favourite chart on Twitter.

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We’re not another Digital Company. We are forward thinkers. We humanize businesses and make engagement and loyalty real in #Finance #Sport #Retail


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The Sport-focused Unit by @iquii specialized on #SportMarketing, Innovation Tech, Fan Engagement, #Insights & Reports. http://sport.iquii.com



We’re not another Digital Company. We are forward thinkers. We humanize businesses and make engagement and loyalty real in #Finance #Sport #Retail

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