5 Startup Marketing Tips from Top Entrepreneurs

By Farhan Saeed, Staff Writer at IQVIS


Marketing advice is worth a million dollar, especially when it comes from the top gurus and leaders. Startups are no exception and even a grain of advice can lift them from ground to space. What we learn from experiences outshines that we learn at school or college.

For a number of reasons, a startup may ignore some strategic issues that need to be addressed. However, this can create make or break situation for the business.

In this article, we are going to quote some of the best pieces of marketing advice given by top entrepreneurs to startups.

1. People Love Benefit, Not the Feature

Dharmesh Shah needs no introduction. HubSpot’s co-founder explains that marketers cannot ignore the human component of a value proposition. It doesn’t matter how better, unique or expensive you are, it is all about how you portray those dissimilarities in regard to the benefits, risks, and value that completely adheres your customers.

The uniqueness offered by the products or services is what sets it apart from the competition. The main purpose of buying a product or service (by a customer) is that it can solve problems and meet their needs. Customers’ first question is always: What is in it for me?”.

Therefore (as a startup) revisit your strategy if you are not on the given track. Focus on creating value for money to ensure that anyone who pays for your products and services remains a loyal customer for a longer time-period. Read more