10 Tech Startups in Iraq You Need to Know About.

Zahra Shah
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2 min readDec 16, 2018


Check out the Iraqi tech solutions leading the country’s digital revolution.

1. Sandoog صندوق

With a focus on B2B, Sandoog is a tech-logistics company based in Baghdad providing a first of its kind on-demand delivery service nationwide, including product handling, storage and payment processing.

2. Miswag مسواگ

Launched in 2014, Miswag became the first e-commerce platform in Iraq. With an inventory of over 15,000 products, the startup has a strong focus on great quality products and delivers all over the country.

3. Brsima برزما

Based in Sulymaniya, Brsima is a food delivery startup in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Raving reviews from local restaurants praise the app’s easy-to-use interface and delivery updates. The startup has also expanded its operation to Erbil.

4. Shiffer شيفر

With a diverse team and a Syrian co-founder based in Erbil, Shiffer is a platform connecting travelers with people who need items and documents delivered across the world but have no access to or cannot afford a postal system.

Shiffer team winning first place at the Startup Roadshow in Amsterdam

5. Erbil Delivery توصيل اربيل

Helping people avoid carrying heavy groceries and crazy traffic, Erbil Delivery is an app that allows users to order groceries straight to their door within one hour. New items are added regularly to the app as the team expands their inventory.

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