Breaking free from cabin fever

Finally the weather gods were benign

Sunday evening and the clocks have moved forwards. The days are getting longer, mornings are bright and cheery and evenings are starting to stretch. There’s a warmth to the air that nature, the plants and trees, birds and animals are welcoming and you can feel the same gladness in your bones.

It’s been a funny year so far. Floods, storms, blizzards and snow. Stuck inside looking out it was enough to drive you to drink. Best laid plans for getting out onto the river are cancelled at the last minute due to the weather and you’re stuck inside for another weekend.

Now at last, though, the sun is breaking through and there’s a glimmer of hope. I have been out onto the river and, unlike two previous early season forays, the wind this time wasn’t howling, the rain wasn’t pelting and the snow wasn’t falling.

I make my way upstream, minding my footing on the high bank, one eye on the still soft mud and another on the running waters below. The sun may have been out but there was a heavy flow to the river, the occasional tree branch floating by.

At least it’s not snowing

The colour was still tainted by the conditions of the last few days but you could feel the warmth trying to break through. Standing by the river and casting was a joy once more. No swirling gales to consider, no biting cold to wrap up against.

Today it was just the river and me. My fly rod arcing easily on its plane shooting out line. Big upstream mends may still have been needed — it was March after all — but you feel like you’re fishing, not fighting the elements. It was good to be out and know spring was in the air. The door to cabin fever had been broken down and the season was well and truly under way.