Glenda Powell: ‘Happiness is…

Things end but memories and experiences last forever writes Blackwater salmon fishing guide and fly casting instructor, Glenda Powell.

Pete who is one of our clients who we now call a friend, recently wrote the following on his blog;

‘Blackwater on fire! Awesome fishing at the moment on Glenda’s fishery. 3 hours this evening, hooked 5 fish including one monster, landed 2 (!) and met at least a half dozen more. That’s 6 landed and the same dropped in the past week or so.

Cash in the brownie points, put in for a sneaky days holiday, do whatever you have to but get down there. Full floating set ups with small Willie Gunn and Cascade types and small sea trout flies on the dropper worked quickly doing the business.’

Summer Days

We have experienced a wonderful summer in Ireland this year with temperatures soaring into the mid twenties. The children have been enjoying their time off school and Anna and Ian our children have been swimming most days in the Owenashad River which is a tributary of the River Blackwater which joins the Blackwater just under Lismore Castle.

It takes me back to my own school holidays and swimming at Island Hill on Strangford Lough.

It is wonderful to see the children enjoying the long lazy days of summer, these memories will last a lifetime, and it has been a great year in Ireland also for tourism.

Rain Dances

As for the angling community, we are a funny bunch and we prefer the rain as it usually improves our sport. It is funny though when a shop keeper makes small talk and says ‘’Oh what beautiful weather we are having’’.

Most of us who fish are thinking, ‘’yes nice weather it is, but I wish it would rain’’. Actually saying this out loud makes us look somewhat grumpy and from years of experience it is therefore best just to think it.

Yes, we appreciate that it is lovely to have nice weather but we selfishly think about the salmon waiting to run the river. We have been known to do rain dances, we get hooked on 5 day forecasts and weather blogs, and have a grin from ear to ear when the weather man is forecasting rain and lots of it.

River Blackwater

Despite the lack of water our lower beats have been fishing very well during July and August with many people catching fish, some catching multiple salmon, some having their best day ever , and many catching their first fish.

Summer memories are made of this

The River Blackwater has risen bringing in a lot of fresh fish. We are using floating lines, intermediate tips in places and small flies.

If this doesn’t tempt a fish it may be time also for the Collie Dog, Sunray Shadows and Hitching Flies, possibly even a nymph.

Ireland on the Fly

The Future & Tradition of Fly Fishing in Ireland

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Ireland on the Fly

The Future & Tradition of Fly Fishing in Ireland

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