Great Fishing Houses of Ireland

What are the fishing venues that would be on your bucket list if no expense was spared? Be it great fishing, historic surroundings, luxurious accommodation, and knowledgable staff, a fishing break at a fishing house in Ireland is something special.

One of my first tastes of what fly fishing in Ireland had to offer was when my future wife bought me a birthday present of a weekend in Delphi. Though, as my birthday falls in November, she wasn’t to know that the fishing season for salmon and trout was well over by the time we pulled up to the incredible Delphi Lodge.

Delphi Lodge, a sight to lift the spirits. Pic:

It didn’t take away from my enjoyment one bit however and being able to walk the grounds and river banks, or sit in the house reading and surrounded by fly fishing pictures, books and history, only whetted my appetite further.

With the ‘Great Fishing Houses of Ireland’ launching a brand new website to highlight and celebrate the rich heritage and top class fly fishing these are the venues rated amongst the top for fishing, food, location and accommodation.

Wish you were here? Pic:

It’s time to start working on that bucket list or dropping big hints to the other half.

Here’s the ones you can start with and which IrelandontheFly will be featuring over the coming season:

  • Ashford Castle
  • Ballynahinch Castle
  • Ballyvolane House
  • Camillaun Lodge
  • Delphi Lodge
  • Lough Inagh Lodge
  • Loungueville House
  • Mount Falcon Estate
  • Rock House
  • Screebe House
The majestic Ballynahinch Castle — one for the list. Pic: