Liam Neeson, fly fishing and the simplicity of life

The quiet simplicity of fly fishing and life

While Liam Neeson’s comments about the ‘witch-hunt’ in Hollywood generated most comments and coverage of his interview with Ryan Tubridy on last Friday’s Late, Late Show, the most telling part for me was a short snippet at the very end of the thirty minute interview.

Only about sixty seconds long, Tubridy was signing off when he said to Neeson, “I hope you get a bit of time to fly fish”.

“Thank you,’ said Neeson before telling the audience. “He [Tubridy] gave me this little box of flies, hand made flies, beautiful.”

“You told me when I gave them to you that you’ve found something,” said Tubridy. “We were talking about the peace about being out on the lake, but you would make a fly with…..?”

“A couple of times I’ve made a fly from out of my own hair and just tie it.”

“What fly is going to take that? Liam Neeson’s hair? No way. You gotta think of somebody else’s hair, somebody less threatening.”

“Trout you see have been around since the Triassic period. Millions of years, unchanged. And to cast something in and see a trout coming up to investigate that thing, Nine times out of ten in my case it won’t take, but the fact that it looks at it. It’s like….that’s the buzz…”

The patience of a Jedi Pic:

“The simplicity in life,” replied Tubridy before thanking Neeson and finishing up.

Liam Neeson is a fly fishing aficionado and has spoken before how it gives him peace to be out on the water. Tubridy too is a fly angler and spends his summers in Connemara.

Out of the twenty-eight+ minutes of the interview it was these last sixty seconds when Neeson’s eyes truly lit up and he came alive. It was two fly anglers discussing trout, the studio and TV audience were suddenly irrelevant as Neeson told his story and automatically flexed his wrist back in a casting motion.

Liam Neeson in a fly fishing movie would be the next ‘A River Runs Through It’ casting fly fishing onto the public consciousness and you wonder if it could be made to happen.

Failing that, the Neeson fly made from his own hair, might be one watch on the lakes this season.

Liam Neeson interview on the Late, Late Show: