The Challenge & Success of Pollack on the Fly All Year Round

The incredible feat achieved by Cork bass guide, Richie Ryan, of catching pollack on the fly in every month was achieved in February with Ryan answering the challenge set down as covered in

Had it ever been done before? Was it ever attempted? Either way, Ryan and his fishing buddy, Jacques Bronkhorst, set out to give it a go and with the winter months being kind to them, they were able to get through the difficult time of year before February was the final month to succeed.

And it was to be a day for success with conditions and clarity again being good to them and the pollack was caught on the fly for the twelfth successive month.

The question now is, what’s the next challenge for these saltwater fly anglers?

Cork bass guide Richie Ryan proves pollack on the fly can be caught all year round. Pic: