iReward’s Token Takeover

Introducing iReward — A Reward Program Platform

What’s all the buzz surrounding crypto currency and blockchain technology? You mean you haven’t heard? This is a game changer.

iReward is eager to bring both to the public by altering and improving the reward industry. This disruption has massive benefits for brands and customers alike.

Let’s experience the future of rewards together as we explore all iReward has to offer.

The Mission

iReward is revolutionizing loyalty reward programs by adopting crypto currency and blockchain technology, providing businesses with a unique and secure way to reward their customers while expanding the channels in which these customers are able to interact with their rewards. iReward is granting power to brands and freedom to people.

Boosting Brands

Brands beginning their iReward journey do so by building a profile and creating a reward token. The easy-to-use program allows for the simple creation of a token, including its name, abbreviation, logo and value. Once the token is created brands determine exactly what actions are rewarded and for how much.

Many brands and businesses already have reward programs in place which is why iReward plans on offering a transitional tool that will allow the program already in place to adopt blockchain technology and turn points into tokens seamlessly.

Once a token is created and a campaign is produced, these can be edited at any given time and more campaigns created. With the user-friendly dashboard brands can manage and update multiple campaigns at a time.

They are also provided with relevant user data and analytics such as total amount of tokens rewarded and statistics on which actions are most performed. This information will allow brands to adjust campaigns that may not be working so well or create more of the campaigns that generate positive results, ultimately ensuring brands are getting the most out of their program.

Conveniencing Customers

Once in the hands of customers, convenience is key. Customers need to create only one sign-in to take part in all reward programs across the iReward platform. Instead of signing up with multiple different programs and providing personal identifying information to each one, customers sign up for iReward once and are able to participate in all programs within the iReward network.

Customers are able to earn rewards across multiple brands within the iReward network and manage them all in one place. With the amenity of a central application, customers have the ability of keeping track of all tokens earned across the network, as well as knowing the quantity of tokens earned per individual brand.

Having all rewards in a central location is just one of the many advantages iReward offers. Because tokens are a crypto currency, once earned it’s owned. What that means for the customer is that they have freedom when it comes to how rewards are redeemed. Earned tokens can be redeemed with the business in which they were earned or there are other channels for redemption.

Customers are able to swap tokens earned with one brand for any other brand within the iReward network. By having this capability, points add up quicker seeing how rewards can be combined equaling more rewards more often.

Other options include holding tokens while they gain value, trading tokens for other crypto currencies in a crypto currency exchange, or sharing tokens with friends and family.

Within the iReward app, customers can explore all participating brands as well as be connected with brands relevant to their shopping patterns and habits. Information on brand campaigns and promotions are readily available so customers don’t miss out on deals they may be interested in.

Additionally, because knowledge is power iReward includes a section for curious customers to become more informed about the crypto community. This section will include up-to-date news in regards to crypto and educational tools to assist those who may want to trade tokens in a crypto exchange.

Revolutionizing Rewards

As entrepreneurs, the founders of iReward have always had a certain sentiment towards assisting business growth while benefiting customers. iReward is deeply passionate about having the opportunity to modernize the loyalty reward industry.

Current loyalty programs have many inefficiencies that adversely affect brands and customers alike. iReward offers an intermediate solution that will address each-and-every inability of current loyalty programs.

To see the iReward vision begin to take shape, don’t miss out on this demo video:

Click here to check out iReward’s demo app running on the Mainnet.

Now that iReward has been formally introduced, feel free to introduce yourself by subscribing at and join us on telegram.