Enable IBC Transfers on IRIS Hub On-chain Governance Proposal has been submitted

Mar 27 · 2 min read

The on-chain governance proposal about enabling IBC transfers on IRIS Hub has been submitted on March 27. Once this proposal passes, the assets cross-chain transfers will be available using the ICS20 standard on IRIS Hub on April 1, which means IBC transfers will be achieved between IRIS Hub and other networks like Cosmos Hub connected over IBC.

This is a parameter change proposal that describes the enabled feature, time, and related details. When the minimum requirement of the deposit is met, this proposal will be in the voting period which lasts 5 days. Previously, proposal 41 for enabling IBC transfers on Cosmos Hub has already been in the voting period, which is expected to pass on March 29. When these proposals pass, IRIS Hub and Cosmos Hub as well as other networks enabled IBC can achieve mutually transfer cross-chain assets based on IBC protocol.

Proposal details:

IRISnet community and validators, let’s participate in this proposal cast your vote for the Internet of Blockchains.

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