How To Join IRISnet Testnet : Fuxi-4000

Happy validating

At Nov 1, IRIShub dev team published a new release v0.6.0. There are the following Breaking Changes:

  • Use new executable binary in monitor

New Features:

  • Add the record module of the data certification on blockchain
  • Add the feature of iService definition
  • Use — def-chain-id flag to reference the blockchain defined of the iService
  • Add the example description in the cli help
  • Add Cli/LCD/Sim auto-test [test] Add cli and lcd test for record module [docs] Update the user doc of iservice definition and record

At Nov 12, 2018, the dev team started Fuxi-4000 with help several community members. In testnet, we wish to prove that all critical bugs are fixed and identify possible bugs and weak points. All feed backs will be reported to Tendermint team if it is related to Cosmos SDK. And most importantly, prepare IRISnet validator community for launch:simulate traffic. Now, fuxi-4000 has 30 active validators and the average block time is about 6s.

Steps To Join

  • If you have joined Fuxi before, Clean data of Fuxi-3001
iris unsafe_reset_all
  • Install IRIShub v0.6.0 with the following guide
  • Download Genesis&config file
  • Edit config.toml file:change moniker
  • Startiris
iris start
  • Get some IRIS token from faucet, and upgrade to a validator with the following guide
# make sure your account is not empty
iriscli bank account <your-address>
# get validator pub key
iris tendermint show_validator
# use the returned pubkey to create validator
iriscli stake create-validator --from= <name> --amount= <amount >iris --pubkey= <pubkey> --moniker= <moniker> --fee=0.05iris --gas=2000000 --chain-id=fuxi-4000
  • Don’t forget to add fee and gas in the transaction
  • If your validator is set up correctly, you could see it in validator list.
  • Query Validator Info with iriscli
# iriscli stake validators | grep <validator name> -B 7
Owner: faa1lpkx38ftygzm5l2wntt58yzwe5g4wtv2kmjw6l
Validator: fvp1zcjduepq24y5h7eq4pujuveua6dtkm4yf49kjfrag6psqqw6jn0zrmc09znsyjd2yl
Revoked: false
Status: Bonded
Tokens: 2068.8900000000
Delegator Shares: 2110.9000000000
Description: {validator }
  • Use the monitor tool to keep an eye on status

Use Cloud Server of BaaS Platform

BaaS will be a good test bench for anyone who is interested in IRISnet technology. With BaaS, they could familiarize themselves with validating technology before making decisions about renting their own server. In this way, we could see more validator candidates from our community. In Fuxi-4000 testnet, we’ve received 24 registrations of BaaS trial. The team has sent out invitation code through email. If you have received your code, go and activate it in the website:

Then, you should:

  • Active your server with invitation Code
  • SSH to it and install IRIS
  • Complete Testnet Incentivized Tasks

Testnet Incentivized Tasks

The IRIS network will keep generating value when its validators could keep the whole network secure. With incentivized testnet, IRIS foundation wish to discover qualified validators and give them opportunities to earn IRIS tokens

  • Fuxi-4000 Task List:

You could submit the proof of your completed task in the following link. There are already 6 submissions.