How To Join IRISnet Testnet : Fuxi-5000

Happy validating

At Nov 27, IRIShub dev team released v0.7.0. This new version upgrades denpendency to cosmos-sdk v0.26.0 and tendermint v0.26.1-rc0. There are the following Breaking Changes:

  • New genesis workflow
  • Remove IBC module
  • Validator set updates delayed by one block

New Features:

  • Improve documents
  • Add distribution module to distribute inflation token and collected transaction fee
  • Improve irisclito make it more user-friendly
  • Introduced new commission flags for validator commands create-validator and edit-validator

The team is going to start Fuxi-5000 testnet this week and we welcome you to help us bootstrap this new testnet.

Steps To Join Fuxi-5000 testnet

The full doc is here.
  • If you have joined IRIS testnet before, kill iris and remove data of Fuxi-4000
iris unsafe_reset_all
  • Install IRIShub v0.7.0 with the following guide
  • Create your own account if you don’s have one

This account acts as the corresponding validator operator for yourself.

iriscli keys add {account_name}

You can get the account information, including account address, public key address and mnemonic

account_name local faa13t6jugwm5uu3h835s5d4zggkklz6rpns59keju fap1addwnpepqdne60eyssj2plrsusd8049cs5hhhl5alcxv2xu0xmzlhphy9lyd5kpsyzu
**Important** write this seed phrase in a safe place.
It is the only way to recover your account if you ever forget your password.
  • Initialize your node

Initialize the configuration files such as genesis.json and config.toml

iris init --home={path_to_your_home} --chain-id=fuxi-5000

This command will create the corresponding files in the home directory.

  • Download the Genesis and Config files
  • Start your node
iris start
  • Get some IRIS token from faucet, and upgrade to a validator with the following guide
# make sure your account is not empty
iriscli bank account <your-address>
# get validator pub key
iris tendermint show-validator
# use the returned pubkey to create validator
iriscli stake create-validator --pubkey=pubkey --fee=0.05iris --gas=2000000 --from=<name> --chain-id=fuxi-5000 --node=tcp://localhost:26657 --amount=10iris

Don’t forget to add fee and gas in the transaction

  • If your validator is set up correctly, you could see it in validator list by querying Validator Info with iriscli stake validators
# iriscli stake validators | grep <validator name> -B 7
Owner: faa1lpkx38ftygzm5l2wntt58yzwe5g4wtv2kmjw6l
Validator: fvp1zcjduepq24y5h7eq4pujuveua6dtkm4yf49kjfrag6psqqw6jn0zrmc09znsyjd2yl
Revoked: false
Status: Bonded
Tokens: 2068.8900000000
Delegator Shares: 2110.9000000000
Description: {validator }
  • Use the monitor tool to keep an eye on status

Free Cloud Server Trial

IRISnet is now collaborating with two brilliant BaaS providers:

to offer two-week free trial of cloud server for testnet validators. They help people familiarize themselves with validating technology before making decisions about setting up their own architecture . In previous testnet, we’ve received 24 registrations of BaaS trial. And if you want to use it for Fuxi-5000, sign up here and the team will contact you soon.

Testnet Incentivized Tasks

The IRIS network will keep generating value when its validators could keep the whole network secure. With incentivized testnet, IRIS foundation wish to discover qualified validators and give them opportunities to earn IRIS tokens

  • Fuxi-5000 Task List:

You could submit the proof of your completed task in this link

Fuxi-4000 incentivized testnet tasks results are available here