IRIS Hub 1.2 Mainnet Has Been Successfully Upgraded

Nov 15 · 2 min read

On November 15 at around 4:30:00 a.m. UTC, IRISnet successfully upgraded its mainnet to IRIS Hub 1.2! The upgraded mainnet, as well as the integrated TIBC protocol and enhanced NFT features have gone live, which will further push up the network utility rate and better support business applications and use cases, especially in terms of cross-chain NFT and trustworthy global trade of digital/digitized artworks.

As planned in the upgrade proposal & pre-announcement, the node software halted at block height 12534300 (2021–11–14 16:30:00 UTC), to allow all nodes to upgrade. After approximately 12 hours, the voting power of validators who had completed the upgrade exceeded 67%, and all nodes began running, indicating that the upgrade has been completed successfully.

The upgraded mainnet IRIS Hub 1.2 has integrated TIBC protocol and enhanced NFT features to better support various business scenarios, including cross-border trade of digital/digitized artwork, and bring us one step closer to the vision of the Internet of Values.

TIBC (Terse Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol) is one of the major new features of this mainnet upgrade. Designed and built on the conceptual basis of the IBC protocol, TIBC reduced the complexity of cross-chain connections between homogeneous networks and heterogeneous networks to facilitate the extension of cross-chain abilities, and to support cross-chain NFT, cross-chain smart contracts, and cross-chain services. With all the state sync transactions introduced by TIBC as we connect IRISnet with other popular public blockchains starting with Ethereum and BSC, this upgrade will engender an even higher network utility rate to the network.

The successful completion of IRIS Hub 1.2 mainnet upgrade should be attributed to each and everyone in our community, especially validators. Thank you all for your constant encouragement and support! More features will be added to the mainnet in the near future, follow us on the channels listed at the end of this article and stay updated!

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