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Jun 6, 2018 · 3 min read

Greetings, dear friends

IRISnet is designed to be the foundation for next generation distributed business applications. It is designed to be the first regional hub of Cosmos ecosystem. By enhancing Interblockchain Communication(IBC) protocol, IRISnet will be able to bridge the token economy with traditional business applications. IRIS hub will provide iServices, which allow resources such as data service and computing services being invoked between blockchains.

The Journey So far

IRIS hub is built on Cosmos-SDK. Cosmos-SDK will be the developer-friendly toolkit for blockchain developers. Last month, IRIS team has focused on developing the governance module, which is essential to handle the upgradability issue and to recover from the “byzantine failure” dilemma.

The lastest testnet still has 7 nodes running on Aliyun. For the last few weeks, we have also been working on our light-client wallet(Rainbow) for Pangu and integrating a monitor tool into the system. You can read more about the design of Pangu Testnet in our previous blog.

New Features

  • A More Reliable Rest Server

The rest-server of previous version of IRIS hub may easily get crushed under heavy load. Our developers have looked into this issue and came up with a solution. In this version of IRIS hub, every node could handle more calls simultaneously. They are way more robust now.

  • A Less Volatile Staking Process

Tendermint consensus is a BFT consensus, which means the consensus will halt when more than 1/3 of power is offline. Due to this limit, we have to carefully execute staking operations to avoid halting. If there exist a superpower in the testnet, the liveness will be in jeopardy. We don’t want a single point failure in testnet. To build a less volatile testing environment, we set a cap on the amount of delegate&undelegate operations.

Testnet Monitor

In this new version of Pangu testnet, we introduced the latest monitoring tool: IRIS-Monitor. It is designed to be the tool for all related parties to have a close look about network’s status. The design goal of IRIS-Monitor is to track liveness & safety of the whole network, as well as certain validators. The validator must monitor its availability and safety closely. There are some early-stage indicators to be noticed:

  • Are most of previous precommits included in blocks?
  • How many proposals it missed before?

The architecture of IRIS-Monitor will be like this:

IRIS-Monitor Architecture

What’s next?

Please note that Pangu is still under heavy development and we will be continuously updating the testnet in the coming weeks.

We are using the alpha release of IRISPLORER.It’s pretty rusty and needs modifications. You may expect to use version V0.2 of IRISPLORER in next month.

The default Gas costs calculation is introduced in latest release of Cosmos-SDK. Gas in transactions is designed to prevent spams. IRIS Hub will have its own special native token for staking. This token will be called “IRIS”. The IRIS network is intended to support all whitelisted fee tokens. Users can also pay Gas cost with our fee token: iGas. Once you receive iGas by burning IRIS, the corresponding IRIS will be removed completely thus reducing future inflation. iGas is designed to be a non-public traded token. We rely on the Oracle module in IRIS hub to get the price of IRIS and how much iGas it can transfer to. The next staking and bank modules in IRIS hub will reflect this toke system design.

We plan to increase the scale of testnet. But we still require some more time to improve the stability of our implementation before inviting community members to run their own nodes.

To learn more about IRISnet or to discuss technical aspects of our project, please feel free to connect with us in any of our official channels below:




IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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