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IRISnet: Interchain service hub for next gen distributed applications — A BPoS blockchain that is self-evolutionary. By incorporating a comprehensive service infrastructure into Cosmos stack, IRIS Hub enables integration and interoperablity of computing services offered by heterogeneous blockchains including public chains as well as consortium chains. You can find more details about IRISnet here.


  • IRIS Hub v0.15.0 completed development and is ready to be tested. Highlights of v0.15.0 is the multi-asset management module which will support DeFi applications.
  • Rainbow Wallet v 2.0.0 was released with ATOM support.
  • IRISplorer IRISXP-0.9.8 was developed and tested.
  • The first token burning plan was completed by the IRIS Foundation; celebration for “IRIS Mainnet Launch for 100 Days”was successfully completed; the first series of the “IRISnet ValidatorBrief” has been closed.
  • From June 17th to June 30th, IRISnet was invited to participate in five events, including the “Cooperation and Challenges of Blockchain Expansion Solution”event held by Bihu, the “Inter-chain Technology and New Opportunities” event held by ChainNode, the “Deep Dive of CosmosTechnology Stack”event held by Yikuailianxi, online AMA held by Coinsuper in English community and the “Cosmos SDK Developer Meetup”in Nanjing.

Technical Updates


  • Designed and developed irishub v0.15.0. The new multi-asset management module which will support DeFi applications expected to have the following new features:
  • [asset] added gateway creation, modification, transfer and other functions;
  • [asset] added token release, modification, additional issuance, transfer, etc.
  • The mainnet/testnet flag is added to the iris/iriscli version to distinguish between the mainnet and testnet.
  • Fixed the problem when querying transactions using tx.height.
  • [gov] Added token issueproposal type.
  • [gov]Optimized voting results statistics.
  • [bank]Supported multiple tokens in token stats query.
  • [tendermint] Optimized the memory overflow problem when reading node information from addressbook.
  • [tendermint] Fixed a bug that caused memory overflow when db was not properly closed.
  • [tendermint] Fixed a possible bug in the consensus state machine.
  • [tendermint] Fixed a problem with WAL file corruption caused by restarting the node.
  • [tendermint] Added non-zero check for PubKey in p2p connection.
  • [tendermint] Fixed a bug in the time format error in the log.
  • [tendemrint] Added a chain_id tag to all Prometheus metrics.
  • [tendermint] Fixed a null pointer problem which could be caused by DNS parsing exceptions.
  • [tendermint] Fixed a bug of paging parameter in transaction queries.

More information can be found here:

Rainbow wallet

  • Rainbow v 2.0.0 was released to support Cosmos Hub besides the already supported IRIS Hub. ATOM is supported from this version;
  • Rainbowv 2.0.1 for iOS was released and was available on App Store and Google Play;the problem of abnormal user data was fixed ;
  • Rainbow v2.1.0 is under development which optimizes user experience and quality of the product.


  • IRISXP-0.9.8 was developed and tested, including refactoring the Blocks list page and the validator address page.

Community Updates

Celebration for”IRIS Mainnet Launch for 100 Days”

On June 8, 2019, call for Chinese articles for the celebration for “IRIS Mainnet Launch for 100 Days” was successfully completed. 3 authors, 20 articles and 100 lucky participants will be awarded. More details here.

IRISnet was Invited to Participate in The ”Cooperation and Challenges of Blockchain Expansion Solution” Event

On June 18th, the “Cooperation and Challenges of Blockchain Expansion Solution” event was successfully held by Bihu in Shanghai. IRISnet founder Harriet was invited to share the design and architecture of IRISnet token economy. She also discussed how to support blockchain expansion and the challenges we face with the audience.

IRISnet English AMA

On June 19th, IRISnethad an AMA hosted by Coinsuper, answering questions from community members about the IRISnet project. The value of IRISnet, and the plan as well as ecosystem development status were shared in this AMA with details recorded in this article.

Cosmos SDK Developer Meetup Organized in Nanjing

On June 21st, meetup organized for developers to learn Cosmos SDK was taken place in Nanjing. 40 developers attended, including technical directors from several technology companies and developers of consortium chain. Harriet, founder of IRISnet together with validator Ping, shared the Cosmos technology stack.

IRISnet was Invited to Deliver a Keynote Speech on “Inter-chain Technology and New Opportunities” Event Held by ChainNode

On June 30th, ChainNode held the “Chainge Technology Salon — — Inter-chain Technology and New Opportunities”. The founder of IRISnet Harriet was invited to deliver a keynote speech on IBC as well as inter-chain service development.

The “Deep Dive of Cosmos Technology Stack” Online Workshop

On June 30th,IRISnet delivered an online workshop to deep dive Cosmos technology stack with China blockchain developer community Yikuailianxi Community. Cosmos SDK, Tendermint, IBC as well as iService were introduced.


Announcement | First IRIS Token Burning Was Complete

On June 28, 2019, the first token burning was complete. A total of 19,189,722 IRIS tokens were burnt through two transactions. The total number of IRIS token supply remained 2 billion after this burning.

The Series of “IRISnet Validator Brief” Completed Its First Round

To help our community members learn more about the validators on IRISnet and to choose validators that best suits their needs, a series of articles, each of which cover two validators, were published. Now the first round of series has completed and more activities for validators will be organized in the future. Please stay tuned!

All the validators briefs can be found here.

Official Channels


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WeChat: irisnetwork

Telegram English:

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IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.


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IRISnet is a service infrastructure and protocol built on top of Cosmos that facilitates construction of distributed business applications.

IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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