IRISnet Biweekly Update (4.28–5.17)

May 22 · 4 min read

Technical Updates


  • Released v0.14.0-rc0, which is a maintenance release and an optional upgrade, including some improvements such as refactoring CLI and LCD API;
  • Replaced dep with go mod as a dependency management tool;
  • Fixed a bug in the validity check of the communityTax in the genesis file;
  • Improved the value of tag balance and min-time in unbond/redelegate transaction results;
  • Optimized the data output format of the iriscli query interface;
  • Adjusted some of the irisclcd interface to make it more compliant with the REST API standard;
  • The sign/broadcast interface is moved from the bank module to the tx module;
  • Optimized memory leaks that may occur when p2p connection is abnormal during tendermint broadcast transaction.
  • Upgrade Tendermint dependency to v0.28.

Rainbow Wallet

  • Rainbow V1.5.5 released on May 10th;
  • Problems collection model added on the background, which helps us to tackle the problems faster;
  • The function of redelegation upgraded;
  • Withdrawal in one button is under preparing.


IRISplorer new function released! Rich List is now avaliable at …. (Assets=delegated tokens+unbonding tokens+remaining tokens)

Community Update

How to Understand IRISnet Public Address Information

IRISnet has been working smoothly for over 2 months since its launch on March. Many new fans want to have a quick understanding of some datas on-chain.We published IRISnet Public Token Addresses to help community understand the supply and circulation.

IRISnet Forum is Online

IRISnet Forum is available on!This will be a very important channel for our community to participate in the on-chain governance. Please check the forum out and feel free to add your suggestions for us to better support our community.

The New Version of Math Browser Extension Wallet Supports IRISnet

Math Browser Extension Wallet v1.0.2 was released on May 10th and supports IRISnet. This wallet can be accessed through searching【Math Wallet】in Chrome App Store or 360 Browser App Store.

Big Dipper Supports Chinese

The Big Dipper for IRIS 3 has been released. Some fixes have been applied and match more messages correctly. It also has Chinese language support in this version. The team is going to add more features and support more modules on IRISnet. Please leave your comments on the forum if there are any issues.

IRISnet in the Media

IRISnet was Invited by HashBang to Share the Crypto EconomicsModelDesign

IRISnet was invited by HashBang, a well-known blockchain knowledge providerin China, to share the value and innovation of its crypto economics model design.


IRISnet & Tendermint Inc Join Forces to Accelerate Open-Source Blockchain Development

Tendermint, the core dev team of Cosmos posted a blog to expain the reasons that they selected IRISnet as one of the premier ecosystem partners to accelerate inter-chain open source development.

PlatON Announced Comprehensive Collabration with IRISnet

On May 16, PlatON announced Comprehensive Collabration with IRISnet, and is planning to use IRISnet iService to provide privacy computing services to broader inter-chain ecosystem.

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IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.


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IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.