IRISnet Biweekly Update(5.18–5.31)

Jun 12 · 4 min read

Technical Updates

IRISnet Block height exceeded 1 million

At 11:06:44 on 5/18/2019 UTC, the block height of IRISnet reached 1 million. All of the 100 validators were online.

IRISnet & Cosmos Performed a Patch Upgrade

On May 31, a vulnerability was reported on Cosmos SDK. Cosmos Hub Validator Bianjie, run by the core dev team of IRISnet, finished the patch upgrade v0.34.6 as soon as the team received report, also coordinated the Chinese Cosmos Validator community to support this emergency upgrade.


  1. Optional upgrade v0.14.0 release contains quite a few bug fixes & improvements to both Tendermint and the application.The Client API (LCD) does have some breaking changes, though. So if you are maintaining a wallet, explorer or other applications, you have to update to adapt to the new API. Submit bugs and ideas for improvements to us at
  • Peer’s remote IP in tendermint/net_info added;
  • Updated btcd fork for rare signRFC6979 bug;
  • Fixed and optimized security issues when tendermint was connected to kms;
  • Started EventBus before the Genesis Block in tendermint.

Rainbow Wallet

  1. Relevant functions of the Rainbow Wallet were improved, including:
  • On May 29, Rainbow v1.7.0 was released. It’s possible to withdraw the rewards and delegate to the same validator directly;
  • On May 31, the interface compatibility for backend systems has been improved, which supports the new version of IRISnet.


  1. Continued to refactor and improve the front and back ends according to the plan to better display IRISnet data for community users, including:
  • On May 29, IRISplorer v0.9.5 was released:


“IRISnet Validator Brief” is ongoing

In order to help community members to get to know the IRISnet validators better, and to choose validators that suit their need when delegating, we will continue publishing short briefs on our validators, featuring both Chinese and English versions.

IRISnet Began to Validate on the Testnet of Strategic Partner PlatON

On May 23, IRISnet joined the PlatON testnet and became a validator for Baleyworld. In January 2019, IRISnet and PlatON formed a strategic partnership to jointly develop the blockchain enterprise service market. Following in May, PlatON began to validate on IRISnet and a comprehensive cooperation was launched by the two parties. Now, we are also validating on the testnet of PlatON, which will further consolidate the cooperation and achieve mutual benefit in terms of blockchain technology.

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IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.


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IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.