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IRISnet: Interchain service hub for next gen distributed applications- A BPoS blockchain that is self-evolutionary. By incorporating a comprehensive service infrastructure into Cosmos stack, IRIS Hub enables integration and interoperablity of computing services offered by heterogeneous blockchains including public chains as well as consortium chains. You can find more details about IRISnet here.


  • IRIShub was upgraded to v0.14.1. And v0.15.0 is under developed, which supports the release and exchange of multi-assets; Nyancat testnet was released for validators to test new functions and practice on-chain software upgrade.
  • The Rainbow Wallet was released on the overseas App Store;Rainbow v2.0.0 is under test and will support the transfer and delegations of ATOM.
  • IRISplorer v0.9.7 was released. Governance parameters were improved and it’s available to display the data of governance proposal that is being staked and voted.
  • The IRIS Foundation announced the one-year token burning plan.
  • IRISnet was invited to participate an AMA with Ourea, sharing three levels of IRIS token economic design.
  • Chinese community are contributing articles in celebrating “IRIS Mainnet Launch for 100 Days”. “IRISnet Validator Brief” series were ongoing.

Technical Updates


  1. IRIShub was upgraded to v0.14.1:
  • Fixed a bug of redelegation in the stake module when the validator status was “unbonded”;
  • Fixed an issue when the irislcd interface was passed onto the illegal account address;
  • Fixed an issue where iriscli and irislcd had inconsistent return values ​​when querying accounts.


2. IRIShub v0.15.0 is under developed, which will support multi-asset distribution and transaction, and improved the Bank/Gov/Tendermint module:

  • Added “iris reset”command to reset blockchain status;
  • Enhanced usability of the iris export command;
  • [Key] Added support for multi-signature accounts;
  • [Key] Supports backup/restore key using keystore file;
  • [Gov] On-chain Governance allowed delegators to vote;
  • [Gov] Added the proposal type PlainTextProposal;
  • [Service] Increased the length limit of the field in the message;
  • [Service] Changed the rules under Profiling mode. There is a special mode Profiling used to test the service when the service is called. If a service call is not responded in time, the service provider would be punished, but now they won’t be punished.



Fuxi Testnet

Fuxi testnet runs the same version of software as the mainnet, providing a stable test environment for the community (including wallets, browsers, service providers/consumers)

Nyancat Testnet

Nyancat testnet was released for validators to test new functions and practice on-chain software upgrade.

Rainbow Wallet

  • Released on the overseas App Store. iOS users were recommanded to download the latest version there.
  • Continued to test multi-chain wallet function of Rainbow v2.0.0 which will support ATOM and expected to be released around June 20th.
  • Checking the problems when transactions get stuck according to the community’s feedbacks.


  1. Released IRISplorer v0.9.6 on June 1st:
  • Improved the ranking of Bonded Tokens and Self-Boned on validator list;

2. Released IRISplorer v0.9.6 on June 10th:

  • Supported Nyancat testnet, deployed Nyancat explorer and updated the switch entrance of network;
  • Optimized the display of validator list, no longer display UnbondingTime of Jailled validators and Candidates;

3. IRISplorer 0.9.7 was released on June 15th. It is expected to deploy on the mainnet on June 17:

  • Optimized the visual design and parameter description of the governance parameter list Gov/Parameters, and added 9 parameters related to Slashing;
  • Refactored the design of proposal list Gov/Proposals and new interactive display of proposal data added in voting and staking;
  • Refactored Sync upgrades, front-end and back-end of the transaction list, and published with BlockDetails;
  • The words of information in the page that refers to the address is in equally wide;
  • Updated the components of validator list.

Community Updates

Calling for Articles about IRISnet to Celebrate “IRIS Mainnet Launch for 100 Days”

We are calling for articles about IRISnet in Chinese community to celebrate “IRIS Mainnet Launch for 100 Days”. The community will vote top 5 from 30 excellent articles. All of the writters will be awarded with IRIS.

Period: June 8~July 7

More details here.

Nyancat Is Now Live

Nyancat testnet is now live! We are calling for validators to join this exciting new incentivized testnet — Nyancat!

Nyancat aims to gather feedback from community on upcoming IRISnet major release on “Multi-Assets Management” function as well as get our validators ready for the on-chain upgrade being targeted in July 2019. You will get IRIS rewards for your participation.

Apply now:

How to join:

IRIS Foundation Announced a One-year Token Burning Plan to Align With the Distributed Application Development Plan

On June 5th, the IRIS Foundation announced a one-year token burning plan in Chinese and an English version of this announcement will be released in next update.

AMA with Ourea: “IRISnet: A Self-evolutionary BPoS Cross-chain Service Hub”

IRISnet was invited to participate an AMA with Ourea. IRISnet founder Harriet introduced the three levels of IRISnet’s economic design, the on-chain governance supported software upgrade technology, and answered questions rasied by the community. For more information, please check here.


Ongoing “IRISnet Validator Brief”

In order to help community members learn more about the validators on IRISnet better and to choose validators that suit their need, we are publishing a series of articles, each of which will cover two validators, featuring both Chinese and English versions.


The 1st IRISnet Validator Brief | & Cosmostation

The 2nd IRISnet Validator Brief | Happy Iris & Syncnode

The 3rd IRISnet Validator Brief | Easy 2 Stake & Kytzu

The 4th IRISnet Validator Brief | Node A-Team & Cypher Core

The 5th IRISnet Validator Brief | Figment Networks & Forbole

The 6th IRISnet Validator Brief | Huobi Research & NewRoad.Capital

The 7th IRISnet Validator Brief | meleatrust & HashQuark

The 8th IRISnet Validator Brief | 01node & Wetez

The 9th IRISnet Validator Brief | Castlenode & Inchain.Works

The 10th IRISnet Validator Brief | Math Wallet & POS Bakerz

Official Channels


Official website:


WeChat: irisnetwork

Telegram English:

Telegram Chinese:



IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

Thanks to Harriet


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IRISnet is a service infrastructure and protocol built on top of Cosmos that facilitates construction of distributed business applications.

IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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