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IRISnet Monthly Update

2020.10 — Community & Technical Recap

⭐ Ecosystem Updates ⭐

IRISnet — BSN Partnership

IRISnet’s BSN Devs Portal
Soon you will be able to register to the new IRISnet portal for BSN International!
We look forward to seeing you create with the tools we will put at your disposal!
Don’t forget to share with us your projects and your expectations, we’ll do our best to help you to ship the best works!

IRIS Hub Bifrost Testnet

🚀Bifrost Phase-1 is here
IRISnet’s DeFi and interchain Testnet, Bifrost, launched its Phase-1 on October 19th along with incentivized tasks!

IRIS Foundation’s Tech-Grants Program

The IRIS Foundation has launched many support programs to facilitate the healthy development of the IRISnet interchain ecosystem, such as the Community-Centric Delegation Campaign.
Now, the IRIS Foundation created a Tech-Grants Program to fund devs that contribute to the growth of IRISnet Hub and the ecosystem.

  • Tools (e.g. i-Service tools)
  • Modules of IRIS SDK
  • Protocols (e.g. cross-chain, consensus, privacy computing)

IRISnet x StarryMedia

StarryMedia is the 1st project rewarded with an IRIS Foundation’s Tech-Grant!

IRISnet x KuChain

KuChain & IRISnet announced the establishment of Joint Labs|TiLabs!
Ti-Labs aims to incubate and support projects with the Cosmos gene & spread awareness about open-source valuable projects.

IRISnet x Cosmos Network

In the Cosmos Hub re-delegation campaign carried out by Tendermint, IRISnet-Bianjie is among the highest tier thanks to the Core team’s valuable work on pursuing a constant ecosystem growth & enrichment!

⭐ Technical Updates ⭐


Released Bifrost Testnet Explorer v0.2.0 and v0.2.1
• Supported the display of the multi-message transaction details
• Added new transaction types for Coinswap, Oracle, Random and Record
• Refactored the Staking module
• Supported the multi-asset display in the address details page
• Supported the networks switching function in the navigation bar


1. Released irishub v1.0.0-beta
• Optimized the rule for generating service request ID
• Optimized Random and Oracle modules for processing service response header
• Added the script for generating swagger documents
• Upgraded to Cosmos SDK v0.40.0-rc0
2. Added CLI test and gRPC test for modules

⭐ Community Updates ⭐

Rainbow Validator Rewards Program

To thank its Rainbow Validators for the support shown to the project, IRISnet has planned to selects up to 3 Validators monthly, rewarding them with 10k $IRIS!
Time to know the amazing Rainbow Validator of September!
Congratulations Bi23: we’re lucky to have you in our ecosystem!

Delegators Double Rewards & Token Burn Plan

🔥Token Burn Plan
On September 30th the Foundation burned 2,217,938 $IRIS.


  • Watch the replay of the Cosmos Ecosystem Online Summit that happened on October 20th organized by Ourea Group & Akash Network! Speakers from IRISnet & Cosmos China: Zhiwei Hu| Research Director and Evie| Community Manager
  • A great meetup took place in Shanghai on October 27th with the participation of representatives from Nervos, Near, IRISnet, Red Date, IOSG VC, ChainNews, and Ourea Group. Among the Speakers Zhiwei Hu and Harriet Cao|IRISnet Co-Founder.
  • On October 29th Harriet Cao participated at TechNode China’s Emerge 2020 among Fudan University professor Michael Sung, and Sino Global Capital’s CEO Matthew Graham. One of her quotes: “In China, public blockchain technology development is highly supported but speculation in cryptocurrencies is not.
Follow IRISnet Nyan Cat on Twitter for CATomic insights from IRISnet Events & more!

IRISnet Workshop at HackAtom V

Starport — 5分钟搭建区块链

Persistence One StakeDrop Campaign x $IRIS

StakeDrop is a token distribution mechanism that allows $IRIS holders to receive an allocation of $XPRT (Persistence tokens) simply by staking!
Learn more about this initiative and how to participate in Persistence’s Community Channels.

IRISnet is Cosmoscan Pool Project Winner

Which project would you like to see most on Cosmos Scan between Kava, Terra, Binance & IRISnet?
With almost 47% of votes, IRISnet wipes out the competition!
Thanks community!

IRISnet Online Swag DShop

The IRISnet Community partnered with Origin Dshop to make available the best quality furniture with the $IRIS design signature!
Thanks Kenneth JB for making this happen!

Join us in the IRISnet Forum!

Do you have any proposals to improve the project?
Do you want to contribute with your ideas to the growth of the community?
IRISnet forum welcomes you!

Contents from the IRISnet community

⭐ IRISnet Glossary ⭐


IRISnet (a.k.a IRIS Hub) is designed to be the foundation for the next-generation distributed applications.
Built with Cosmos-SDK, IRIS Hub enables cross-chain interoperability through a unified service model, while providing a variety of modules to support DeFi applications.


Inter-Realm Industry Trust Alliance (IRITA) is the 1st enterprise-level permissioned blockchain product in the Cosmos ecosystem Powered by Tendermint and IRIS SDK.
It has 6 core technical advantages such as privacy-protecting data sharing with authorization, highly efficient consensus protocol, cutting-edge cross-chain technology, highly practical on/off-chain inter-operation capabilities, flexible digital asset modeling and exchange, and business analytics powered by big data.
Thus IRITA can be widely used in various industries, such as the financial industry, providing value-based on blockchain trust machines.

Rainbow Wallet

Rainbow Wallet supports both IRIS Hub and Cosmos Hub.

Download Rainbow Wallet & Follow the tutorial to get started


Blockchain explorer for IRIS Hub, which includes explorer-backend and explorer-frontend.


IRISnet Community,

Whatever happens tomorrow, we will face it together.

💌 Community Channels

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•WeChat group: irisnetwork2018



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