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IRISnet Monthly Update

2020.11 — Community & Technical Recap

⭐ Ecosystem Updates ⭐

IRISnet — BSN Partnership

⛩ Register now to the IRISnet-BSN DevPortal!

💬 ’BSN’s interoperability brought by IRISnet/IRITA’ AMA

📝 Read now the AMA’s transcription!

IRIS Hub Bifrost Testnet

🌈Bifrost Phase-1 is ongoing!

📝 Read More in the Blogpost!

Chainlink Community Grant

Details of the Grant are available in Chainlink’s announcement


IRISnet x Getblock

IRISnet intro by Getblock & Service’s Access

IRISnet’s talk at Interchain Conversations II

⭐ Technical Updates ⭐

Rainbow Wallet



Cosmos SDK


⭐ Community Updates ⭐

Rainbow Validator Rewards Program

Special Token Burn by IRIS Foundation

Delegators Double Rewards & Token Burn Plan


Persistence One StakeDrop Campaign x $IRIS

Join us in the IRISnet Forum!

Contents from the IRISnet community

⭐ IRISnet Glossary ⭐



Rainbow Wallet



…I Wish You the Very Best ♥️

💌 Community Channels



IRISnet is an interchain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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